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Tutorial - How to Crack ZIP Password?

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No matter how valuable a ZIP is, it brings nothing but futility if you don't have the password to it. Free ZIP Password Cracker provides most efficient password cracking to help you avoid the embarrassment of not knowing the password.

Step 1. Input ZIP

Launch Free ZIP Password Cracker. In "Control" area, click the button on the right of the "Archive File" box to input the ZIP file that is password-protected. Then set the initial password(Starting Password) and file formats(FileSpec) if needed.

Input ZIP

Step 2. Choose Character Set

In the "CharType Property" area, you can choose the character set you want. For example, if you guess that the password include numbers only, choose "Numeric(0-9)"; for password that may contain capital and small letters as well as numbers, choose "AlphaNumeric (upper/lower case) (0-9, A-Z, a-z)". There are more optional character sets provided.

Choose Character Set

Step 3. Crack Password

Click "Start" to begin the process. The program will show dynamic hit counts in "Info" area and the character in "Starting Password" box will keep changing while the cracker is attacking - if you don't need this real-time info, click "Display Off". If you need to shutdown the computer after cracking, check "Shutdown when finished". When the cracking is finished, the password(s) will be displayed in the "Passwords" area. Meanwhile, free ZIP Password Cracker will automatically save the cracked passwords by default in LastSavedPassword.txt in directory C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Free ZIP Password Cracker. You can click "Load Last Saved Password" to directly open the TXT.

Crack Password

(Note: please write the password down or keep it in another document, because the cracker will only keep one password. Next time you crack a password, it will replace the last saved one with the newer one...)

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