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Tutorial - How to Restore File Attributes & Change Date Attributes?

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Before extraction, you can decide if you want the file attributes restored like comment, category, Read-Only, Hidden, time and date, etc. Free RAR Extractor Elite also allows you to keep the date attribute the same as the date the file is stored in the archive, system date or the date of the newest file in the archive.

Restore File Attributes

In "File Attribute" area of "Advanced" tab, you can see the option "Restore File Attributes", which is checked by default. The file attributes like read-only, archive and hidden or dates of file creation, last modifications, last file access, etc. will be kept the same as the original files in RAR files. If you don't want them, just uncheck this option.

In "Date Attribute" area, you can change the time and date of the files, making them the same as the date and time the files are stored in the archive, system date and time, or the date and time of the newest file in archive.

Restore File Attributes

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