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Tutorial - How to Extract RAR Files?

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Windows OS always has built-in archive manager that is only able to deal with ZIP files, but not RAR files. Luckily, Free RAR Extractor Elite is a very easy RAR extractor application that can swiftly unzip RAR files to get what you want out of them, saving them to the designated folder. It's the fastest solution for RAR decompression.

Step 1. Input RAR

Launch Free RAR Extractor Elite. In "General" tab, click the "Browse" button to input one or more RAR files. If you want to input all RAR files in a designated directory, check "Folder: Includes sub-fold" and then click "Browse" to specify the directory.

Input RAR

Step 2. Choose Output Path

Now you should choose where you want to save the extracted files. In "Destination Path" you can choose to save the extracted files to the default output folder, the folder where the original RAR is stored or any folder you specified.

Choose Output Path

(Note: for more convenient management and searching of the extracted files and folders, we suggest that you check "Append archive name to output path".)

Step 3. Start Extraction

Now you can hit "Extract" to start the process. In a few seconds all the files in RAR archives will be extracted. To open the output folder, click "Target".

Start Extraction

(Note: if you want to extract an RAR with password protection, you have to enter the password after clicking "Extract". The checkbox of "Open output folder after extracting" is ticked by default and the extractor will automatically open the output folder when the decompression is finished.)

Step 4. Advanced Settings

There are also some settings you can tweak in "Advanced" tab:

You can decide to if you want to keep the original folder structure, remove redundant folders in RAR files, or display a dialog when finished.

Advanced Settings

By default the checkbox of "Restore File Attributes" is ticked, making it possible to keep the original date, category, comment, etc. You are also allowed to customize date attribute.

Advanced Settings
It provides an editable exclusion list of file types that you don't want to extract.

Advanced Settings
You can also click associate RAR format with Free RAR Extractor Elite.

Advanced Settings

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